Daphné Le Sergent. Géopolitique de l'oubli
Catalogue of the exhibition

Géopolitique de l'oubli comes in the form of a photo-drawing manual, accompanied by an interview with scientist Jacques Malou, director of an eye tracking research centre. The book is a companion to Daphné Le Sergent’s exhibition, which is part of the Satellite programme and focuses on the C vocabulary (technical terms) in Newspeak, the language George Orwell devised in Nineteen Eighty-Four. It is characterised by a diminishing vocabulary, restricted grammar and the subjugation of the masses. The artist’s research probes the notions of separation or schize, with reference as much to geopolitical boundaries as to potential internal disjunction. The catalogue incites us to reflect on writing through images generated by the proliferation of information and signs produced by the Internet and digital language (tree hierarchies, the cloud, the data deluge, and so on), thus focusing on the authority that these writings exert over our behaviour. This new language is based on association, the sign and stylisation. The project as a whole takes an inward-looking view of the concept of “geopolitics”, and examines the extent to which we are fragmented by information overload.

Spirals, 15 × 21 cm, 64 pages.
Bilingual French / English.
Co-edition: Jeu de Paume / CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux / Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz.
Price: 14 euros.

E-pub version: price, 6.99 euros.

To buy the catalogue: www.librairiejeudepaume.org

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