Bouchra Khalili. Blackboard
Catalogue of the exhibition

This catalogue is published in conjunction with Bouchra Khalili’s exhibition at the Jeu de Paume, "Blackboard", which brings together a wide selection of works produced since 2008.

Combining subjectivity, collective history and the transmission of forgotten utopias, the project proposes a meditation on the emancipatory power of words, when they are underpinned by members of minorities often confined to the sidelines of visibility.

Blackboard is thus conceived as a space where the protagonists in the artist’s works and spectators can meet, rekindling Pier Paolo Pasolini’s proposed conception of the work of art as civic poetry.

Foreword: Marta Gili
Blackboard: Bouchra Khalili
Texts by Élisabeth Lebovici and Nacira Guénif-Souilamas
Conversation between Bouchra Khalili and Omar Berrada

Hardcover, 21 × 26 cm, 192 pages
About 100 colour illustrations
Bilingual French / English
Publisher: Jeu de Paume
Price: 39 euros.

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