Daisuke Kosugi. A False Weight
Catalogue of the exhibition

This volume devoted to work by Daisuke Kosugi is published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title, which is the third and final instalment of The New Sanctuary. This exhibition series was devised by Laura Herman and examines how architecture engages with the body and the senses.
The body relies on the architecture of the home for the structuring of day-to-day activities. But this architecture, a fixed given, can form an uncompromising backdrop, stifling the body in domesticity. Architectural qualities represent certain ideas and persist over time in ways that our bodies, habits and routines do not. What if our bodies are out of joint with the architecture that surrounds us? A False Weight is an experimental portrait of Tadashi, a character based on the artist’s father. Tadashi is a retired Japanese architect and bodybuilder who has been diagnosed with an unusual and incurable degenerative brain disease affecting his movements and daily routines. In an architectural and domestic journey coupled to three phases of the disease, the film reveals, through the medium of Butoh dance, the inner conflict of a man torn between his desire for strength, efficiency and independence and the acceptance of his rapidly declining body. Through its repetitive sequences, the film introduces into the architecture of the home a sense of time with a “human” dimension, one that is repetitive rather than linear, emancipating rather than oppressing.
Featuring a conversation between Daisuke Kosugi and Laura Herman and an essay by architectural theorist Zuzana Kovar, this publication explores the possibilities of the disabled body to emancipate itself from un-adapted architecture and the ideals of efficiency, while discussing the fallacy of contemporary representations of the ideal body.

Conversation between Daisuke Kosugi and Laura Herman as wall as an essay by Zuzana Kovar

Publication date: October 2019
Softcover, 15 × 21 cm
64 pages, 9 colour ill.
Bilingual French / English
Graphic design: Groupe CCC
Co-edition: Jeu de Paume / CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux / Museo Amparo
ISBN : 978-2-87721-247-2
Price: €14
Distribution: Les presses du réel

E-pub version
ISBN : 978-2-915704-91-4
Price: 6,99 €
Digital distribution
ABM Distribution

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