The Supermarket of Images
Catalogue of the exhibition

The visible world overflows with pictures: more than three billion of them stream across social media every day. This overproduction – this excess – needs to be managed. Images must be stored, formatted and transported, their flow and exchange must be organized. They require road networks (such as internet cables) and new forms of labour (such as content moderators and clickworkers). And they transform the way we see, mobilizing our gaze as never before. The essays and artworks in this catalogue, by observing similar transformations currently affecting our financialised economy in the age of cryptocurrencies, seek to grasp and theorize this new iconomy of the visible.

Edited by Peter Szendy, with Emmanuel Alloa and Marta Ponsa
Texts by Emmanuel Alloa, Hervé Aubron, Matthias Bruhn, Yves Citton, Elena Esposito, Jean-Joseph Goux, Maurizio Lazzarato, Catherine Malabou, Marie Rebecchi and Elena Vogman, Antonio Somaini, Peter Szendy, Leah Temper, Dork Zabunyan

Publication date: 6 February 2020
Hardcover, 16.5 x 23 cm, 312 pages
Co-edition: Jeu de Paume/Gallimard
ISBN: 978-2-07-285712-6
Price: 39 €

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