It was thanks to an interest in insects and an obsession with collecting bits of pond life to inspect under his microscope if Stephen Gill became interested in photography in his early childhood. For over 40 years he has interacted with non-human species through the photographic medium producing iconic series such as The Pillar, Talking to Ants and Night Procession, which have shaken the canon. I wanted to interrogate his non-anthropocentric side. Federica Chiocchetti

1. What made you grow interested in animals?

<em>Collage</em>, 1982 © Stephen Gill
Collage, 1982 © Stephen Gill

2. What do you think animals think about you?

The Pillar, 2017–2019 © Stephen Gill

3. What would you like to tell them?

B - Sides, 2008–2009 © Stephen Gill

4. For how long can you be alone?

Stephen Gill, 1982 © Stephen Gill

5. Can you describe the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere?

Please Notify the Sun, 2020 © Stephen Gill

6. What is your favorite sound?

Night Procession, 2014–2017 © Stephen Gill

7. What did you find underneath the earth?

Buried, 2005 © Stephen Gill

8. What really bothers you?

Coming up for Air, 2008–2009 © Stephen Gill

9. What do pictures want from you?

Hackney Wick, 2001–2003 © Stephen Gill

Questions: Federica Chiocchetti / Photocaptionist
Images: Stephen Gill