Jeu de Paume in Paris is closed until 28 September 2024 due to the Olympic Games. Visit our exhibitions in Tours, Reims and Paris Plages.



Quentin Bajac

Deputy director
Alice Martin-Edgar

Executive assistant
Margherita Valentini

Assistant to the deputy director
Camille Kotecki

Curator and researcher
Pia Viewing


Head of administration and finance
Adeline Masson

Administrative manager
Valérie Lecomte

Yamina Benkhalifa

Administrative and payroll officer
Vacant position


Bookshop general manager
Pascal Priest

Bookshop managers
Dominique Blanchon
Damien Guggenheim
Nathalie Laberrigue

communications and fundraising

Head of communications and fundraising
Arantxa Vaillant

Press coordinator
Anne-Solène Delfolie

Digital communications coordinator
Benjamin Meyer

Communications coordinator
Anouar Oubnichou

Partnerships and events manager
Malika Zengli

educational programs

Head of educational programs
Sabine Thiriot

Youth, schools and teachers coordinator
Julia Parisot

Educational programs / visitor services / groups and adult audiences coordinator
Marie-Louis Ouahioune/Audrey Grollier

Claire Boucharlat,
Ève Lepaon/Rachael Woodson


Head of exhibitions
Anaïs David

Exhibition coordinators
Eïmelia Bagayoko
Judith Czernichow
Marguerite Vial

Maddy Cougouluègnes

Travelling exhibitions coordinator
Laure Véron


Head of publications
Lætitia Moukouri

Editorial coordinator
Marine Morin

Graphic designer and production manager
Sara Campo/Édith Bazin

public programs

Head of public programs
Marta Ponsa

Public programs production manager
Mélanie Lemaréchal

Sales and visitor services

Head of sales and visitor services
Delphine Lecarreaux

technical services

Head of technical services
Santiago Esses

Exhibition technicians
Gaël Angelis
Ryan Russo

Audiovisual technician
Juan-Carlos Salazar Villa

Building technician
Roxy Bouembo

IT and audiovisual exhibition technician
Andy Bodin