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Before a National Anthem Vidéo, couleur, son stéréo
Coproduction Jeu de Paume et Musée national d’art contemporain de Bucarest
© Irina Botea


Irina Botea: "A Moment of Citizenship"

Satellite programme, second edition proposed by María Inés Rodríguez

From 30 June to 27 September 2009

Jeu de Paume – Paris

In her work Irina Botea tries to reinterpret the images of History made by the media, and to develop sympathy with the more or less active protagonists of historical situations to which our only access is now through the media.

This exhibition features two videos: Auditions for a Revolution, made in 2006, and a new work produced for Jeu de Paume, Before a National Anthem, devoted to the creation of a new Romanian national anthem.

Irina Botea was born in Ploiesti (Romania) in 1970. After graduating from Bucharest University of Arts she received her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she is currently teaching.

Exhibition coproduced with the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (22 October 2009 – 24 January 2010).

With the support of the Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques (FNAGP).

In partnership with Art Press, Mouvement,, Nova et

The exhibition “Irina Botea” is taking part in the “PLEIN SOLEIL/L’ÉTÉ DES CENTRES D’ART 09” programme.

Curated by María Inés Rodríguez