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Online creation


As part of "Form@ts Cycle Side Effects"

From 16 March to 22 October 2012

Jeu de Paume Online

Magic Ring, 2012 is part of the exhibition “Form@ts Cycle Side Effects” proposed by Christophe Bruno in collaboration with Samuel Tronçon and Chrystelle Desbordes, for the Jeu de Paume virtual space.

In the 1990s a webring was an uncentred union of Web sites, joined voluntarily by their affinities. As part of a research project carried out in art schools, Magic Ring reactivates this format and tries out a new form of navigation. Magic Ring envisages the ring as a radical shared space, going against the logic of the social networks of Web 2.0. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) which are the culmination of the commodification of human relations.

Magic Ring

The members of Magic Ring are Amandine Ansart, Emma Babakhanyan, Iain Ball, Paul Bardet, Margaux Berrard, Nicolas Delliac, Elna Frederick, Esfida Galstyan, Françoise Gamma, Céleste Grant, Edward Hambardzumyan, Beno Karapetyan, Kiwaïda, Alexandre Lapostole, Larchtmissthe, Ninon Lemonnier, Liis Lillo, Liza Maignan, Louise Mariotte, Aloÿse Mendoza, Léa Mercier, Louise Moraldy, Mélanie Muratet-Campos, Christelle Nisin, Thibault Poujol, Julie Saclier, Anuk Sargsyan, Arax Sargsyan, Marine Semeria, Laura Rives and Jane Ter-Zakaryan. Etienne Cliquet and Sonia Marques lead this collective project as part of an art school (Toulouse, Limoges) research project, with the participation of Marianna Hovhannisyan’s students from the Open University in Yerevan.

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