The Jeu de Paume Paris is currently closed. It will reopen from June 8 for exhibitions “Jean Painlevé. Feet in the water” and “Marine Hugonnier. Cinema to the guts”.
The Jeu de Paume – Tours is open with the exhibition “Thibaut Cuisset. Loire” until May 29.

Online creation

A project by Evan Roth

From 15 July to 31 October 2020

Jeu de Paume Online

For, Evan Roth used wallpaper editing software to recycle the images that had been stored in the memory of his computer during lockdown, i.e. between March 22nd and May 5th 2020.

He creates a screen saver. Working in a similar manner to Since You Were Born, the site-specific installation in the entrance to the Jeu de Paume that opened “Le Supermarché des Images” exhibition, he presents a world of images resulting from the personal and professional explorations stored in his internet cache over a given period. His entire search history, including shopping, various photos and texts (not forgetting album covers) comprises an extraordinary portrait of the times we are living in. More than ever before, the screens of our smart devices bear witness to our projects for the future, our fears and desire to escape. Dolly Parton rubs shoulders with Japanese anime and new series on Netflix in this sample of the galaxy of images that forms like a cloud around each of us.


Evan Roth

Based in Berlin, Roth’s practice visualizes and archives typically unseen aspects of rapidly changing communication technologies. Through a range of media from sculpture to websites, the work addresses the personal and cultural effects surrounding these changes and the role of individual agency within the media landscape.

Recent exhibitions include the Jeu de Paume, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Roth is the co-founder of the Graffiti Research Lab and the Free Art & Technology Lab (F.A.T. Lab) and his work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art NYC.

Work produced by Jeu de Paume, Paris and supported as part of the creation support project « Après », Jeu de Paume, TRAM Réseau art contemporain Paris / Île-de-France, 2020

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