The Route
The Route Film 35 mm transféré sur DVD, couleur & noir et blanc, muet, 16’ 45’’.
© Chieh-Jen Chen, courtesy galerie Lily Robert



SESC Pinheiro, São Paulo

From 18 October 2017 to 28 January 2018

Jeu de Paume Extramural

Uprisings gathers nearly 300 pieces – paintings, drawings and prints, photos, movies and manuscripts – from mid-nineteenth century to the present, of more than a hundred different authors. These have a common topic about collective emotions and political events entailing movements such as riots, civil disobedience, political turmoil, social disorders and revolutions of all kinds. In Barcelona, it will incorporate a set of specific pieces of Museu Nacioal to provide a unique vision for the represented artists (from illustrator Lluís Pellicer to the Civil War poster artists) and also for the discussed topics.

The exhibit is based on the historical and theoretical work of the philosopher, art historian and the exhibition’s curator Georges Didi-Huberman.

This exhibit is organized by the Jeu de Paume of Paris, with the collaboration of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya for its presentation in Barcelona, and with the participation of MUNTREF – Museo de la Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires; MUAC – Museo Universitario de Arte contemporáneo; UNAM, Mexico, and the Galerie de l’UQAM – Université du Quebec in Montreal.

SESC Pinheiro
Rua Paes Leme, 195
Pinheiros São Paulo